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Cindy Sanyu, Crystal Newman, Publicity Nateete, Marvin Johnz blast away in Lake Mburo


On The Pearl, the domestic tourism campaign by Uganda Tourism Board, had a successful second trip that saw the winner Marvin Johnz enjoy an all expense trip to Lake Mburo National Park with singer Cindy Sanyu, media personality Crystal Newman and comedian Publicity Natete.

Lake Mburo National Park located in Western Uganda, is a treasure trove of scenic wonders rich with diverse wildlife and excursion activities like horseback riding, boat ride, nature walks, mountain biking, bird watching, day and night game drives in the lush savannah parks.


Marvin Johnz won the trip after liking and commenting on a rare photo of Lake Mburo National Park that was posted on the Visit Uganda Social media pages.


UTB’s CEO, Lilly Ajarova commented that the campaign aims to create awareness and also educate Ugandans on the various tourist spots around the country; with emphasis on What? When? How? Who? And Where to Travel. She concluded by encouraging all Ugandans to love and travel Uganda and enjoy the Pearl of Africa.

Mechanics for the Take on the Pearl Challenge.
* Post the contest photo on Visit Uganda social media pages every Friday.
* Get people to respond with the name of the place and the reasons why they want to go to that place, for a chance to win the trip.
* People get their friends and family to come and like their comments.
* Correct comment with highest likes by Tuesday of the following week is selected as the week’s winner.


Lake Mburo National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Uganda full of amazing natural wonders created as a result of dry and rocky surrounding on the West and wetlands on the East thereby enabling it to have an auspicious environment that can facilitate ingoing tourism activities to take place and also to occur and keep the animals in good state, the park has mighty creeks which are 50 kilometers high and canals that connect the 13 lakes that are found in this area 5 of which lie between the boundaries of the park with lake Mburo the largest of all.


Lake Mburo National Park stands as one Uganda’s semi-park covering an area of 260 square kilometers with a magnificent elevation which goes between 1220 m-1828 m above sea level and also can be accessed via the Mbarara – Masaka highway which takes a duration of about 3.5 hours from the vast Kampala city and a total distance of 240 kilometers is taken to access the park.

Here are more photos…


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