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Chosen Becky Used And Dumped

Chosen Becky used and Dumped

By Allan Saba

Singer Chosen Becky, real names Rebecca Kukiriza’s relationship with her new boyfriend has ended in tears, just as the saying goes these days.

We’ve have learnt from her closest friends that Becky has decided to let go of the relationship she has been struggling to keep for a very long time.

Allegations has it that Dictator Amir has been playing games behind the singer’s back until recently when she landed into numerous Whatsapp grounds him flirting with some girls.

Singer chosen becky with son

She recently disclosed that as she was growing up, she always wished to get married to singer Nutty Neithan and that she had a huge crush on him.

The singer added that she had a dream of marrying him but her wish didn’t come to life as she was hooked up by some other guy.

It should be noted that Chosen Becky and her current boyfriend Dictator Amir have a child together who they named, Heather Mutebi Amir.


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