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Chameleone sneaks out of hospital, flies to TZ for Magufuli burial


In a recent interview, singer Jose Chameleone described Tanzania as his other home.

He said Tanzania had contributed majorly to his music career and that he would stand with Tanzanians in this hard times following the death of their president.


It’s therefore no wonder the musician defied doctor’s orders and flew to Tanzania to attend late Magufuli’s funeral.

The star had been admitted in hospital with a serious condition.
Alongside young brother Pallaso, he
left Uganda for Tanzania on Sunday to attend the burial of late president John Pombe Magufuli who was announced dead on Wednesday last week.

The pair boarded the Air Tanzania flight en route to Dar Es Salaam where they joined Tanzanian artists to pay respect to the fallen head of state.

Before Magufuli passed on, Chameleone had been booked to perform at an event that was scheduled to take place in Tanzania but it was postponed due to president Magufuli’s death.

It should be recalled that sometime back, Magufuli recognized Chameleone as the ambassador of the Swahili language and applauded the singer for promoting and singing in native language.



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