Tuesday, August 3, 2021

NATIONAL BETRAYAL! Speaker Kadaga and MPs abandon President M7 in COVID 19 Fight

When Coronavirus started ravaging the world, HE. President Y.K Museveni put on his combat, declared it National and international enemy number one.

Africa must support its innovators to build capacity

When Covid-19 struck Europe and North America, it stretched the health sector given the sheer numbers of people getting infected per day.

Media does need bailout..How to structure it is the question

Right now there is public outrage against the Ministry for ICT for requesting for billions of shillings for their covid media response.

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: An opportunity for self-Assessment

This situation has left me wondering and seriously thinking about personal, community and career issues.

Why are Ugandans ‘dying’ to have Car stickers? Staying home is a precaution not punishment

Your are not on duty! Where are you going?? To show off that you can move about?? Well, I got news for you. The virus is on duty!!!

Car or land, what would you buy first?

Young people struggle to decide on what they should invest in first. They need a car but they also want to buy land.

A letter to Eddy Kenzo (from People Power)

Kenzo, the same people who used to call you young Mandela and Papa are currently the ones fighting to ensure your show flops. Do you know why?

Salim Saleh daughter; Lessons from my failed/sham marriage

So then I went on and googled, ‘how to cope with a false marriage’.

You’re a graduate, now what? A note to new graduates

By Norbert Mao The first time I graduated my parents threw the mother of all parties. It was the massive garden of Crested Crane Hotel...

MUSIC, POLITICS, BOTTLES: Never provoke a hungry lion

Let's stop the irrelevant blame game aiming at malice and negatively branding strong opponents for the sake of fear to compete.