Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Bummy Doreen Causes Mayhem At Ggaba Church

  In times like these, even the smallest form of help means so much to someone who is being affected in all ways by the...

Singer Leila Kayondo sister stuns UG

  Singer Leila Kayondo’s younger sister Katrina Nilzero is surely stunning.   As a way of promoting her swimsuit, the smashing model unleashed pictures posing in her...

Faded socialities Fabiola and Hudda in bogus social media verbal exchange

  Almost forgotten socialities Anita Fabiola and Kenyan Huddah Monroe have found their way back to the news. They have staged a bogus verbal exchange...

Sultan promises to be bigger, better after jail stint

  Sultan is now back and active on social media and in his first message, he promised to be bigger and better. “I know how many...

Models Judith Heard, Kabareebe join Black Lives Matter protest by stripping naked

Ugandan super models Judith Heard and Doreen Kabareebe have joined the Black Lives Matter demonstrations rocking the world by stripping to their smalls. Anti-racism protests...

Celebrities Who Share an Ex

  Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt: Gwyneth Paltrow Our second appearance from Pitt on the list is thanks to the fact that he dated Gwyneth Paltrow,...

Hair care mistakes to avoid when you have braids

  Because your hair is in a protective style, that does not mean you should not take care of it. Thinking that you don't need...

(Photos) Cindy Sanyu ELECTRIFIES Mbarara as Signature bar marks a year

By 7pm, the posh bar was filled to capacity as partiers had a time of their lives. Revellers also had a blast as too female musician Cindy Sanyu and her band entertained revellers.

Maurice Kirya poses NUDE to celebrate BD- social media reacts

The singer posted a photo where he poses with and equally naked white lady with only the tab covering his modesty.

ICONIC! The most powerful 11 news images that shocked and amazed the world

Other images in the list include Nelson Mandela leaving prison after 27 years in 1990 and the iconic image of Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969.