Sunday, October 17, 2021

28 years of Kabaka Mutebi and what lies ahead

Although so much has been achieved already, there is so much that needs to be done. The people of Buganda want a modern hospital.

NUP’s Rubongoya on Revolutionary Discipline

You may have so many courageous comrades, but if each one of them is shooting in their own direction you are bound to fail.

Covidex, Kiira provide a case for indigenous knowledge investment

Yet the reason most people in villages use charcoal and other plants to clean their teeth today is because they don’t have money to buy packaged toothpaste.

Street Children versus Community

By Hajarah Namuyanja Street children are typically between the ages of six and seventeen, they live deprived of the support of traditional societal structures, such...

Gen Kainerugaba: The resolute incoming Commander of Land Forces

Today, the country boasts of a professional national army that serves the interests of all Ugandans regardless of tribe, or religious orientation.

Understanding Museveni’s cabinet & the deep state politics behind!

Those with power influence those with authority to run the state & those in positions act as conduits or as cosmetic for public relations & political gymicery.

How serious do Telecoms uphold consumer rights?

Shockingly, the suspects are said to have been found with over 600 fraudulently registered simcards gotten through mobile registration agents.

Unfair Trade: Open Letter to Chinese President Xi-xiping, Biden, Museveni

In 2019, USA exported goods to Uganda worth 104 million USD.In other words, USA made 104million USD by selling its goods to Uganda.

The Alpha Ssali I Know

Being the captain of Proline Reserves did not come out of nothing.

Uganda’s Diplomatic Crisis; Cost of Incompetent Diplomats in Globalised World

The challenges that come along with such connectivity call for a very trained, Nationalistic, experienced and well-equipped personnel to serve in a country’s diplomatic missions.