Abdu Katuntu says goodbye to FDC

Hon. Kantuntu   Hon Abdu Katuntu has confirmed that he is leaving the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), after 15 years.The Bugweri County Member of Parliament Katuntu said that he ha...

Anglican Bishop responds to Prophet Mbonye next to Jesus talk

I have nothing against Elvis Mbonye, as a person. I love him as any other human being, created in the image of God, and I wish him well. I don't even know whether what Simon Ssenyonga has uttered has Elvis's consent or permission. I'm heartily concerned though, because I see no ground where we can base to consider it Christian or biblical. Simon's claim that Elvis Mbonye is greater than all the saints and servants of the Most High that have ministered and served Him on this planet from time immemorial, is, by far, very unsettling!