Saturday, April 17, 2021

Plans for Akon Uganda hospital kick off

The lead investor of MMTC is Julius Mwale, a Kenyan technology entrepreneur and investor based in the US.

Tanzania Bishop dies, becoming 4th African Catholic leader to die in less than week

Fr Sapula said the Bishop died at 6.40 p.m local time and only added that arrangements are being organized for his final send-off.

Ugandans dismiss Akon City plans

Along with the cost of construction, the amenities included in Akon City, Uganda have not been announced.

Dr. Besigye dismisses Archbishop Lwanga’s postmortem report

Understandably, the shocking news of his sudden death, was bound to stir up speculation of foul play.

ARCHBISHOP LWANGA DEATH; Ischemic heart disease explained

Ischemic heart disease reduces the flow of blood to the coronary arteries, which carry oxygen to the heart.

Archbishop Lwanga’s postmortem report out

added- "There was no sign that he had struggled. The blood clot once appears takes between 3 to 5 minutes for a victim to immediately die.

Archbishop Lwanga to be buried inside Rubaga Cathedral

The archbishop will finally be buried on Thursday in Rubaga Cathedral.

(Photos) Akon, wife mesmerized by Gorillas in Bwindi

Museveni and Akon discussed different investment opportunities in various sectors of Energy, Tourism, Infrastructure development to mention but a few.

MADNESS? UCU Don already married to girl he proposed to on Good Friday… And...

Men often carry out exaggerated PDA when trying to win back the affection of their lovers after being caught offside pants down. Could Sams be apologising with this stunt?

World first as baby is born with three penises

The parents of the three-month-old baby, from Iraq, sought medical attention after noticing the child had a swollen scrotum and “skin projections”.