Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Why Do Brides Carry Bouquets?

  While the bridal bouquet isn’t exactly a wedding necessity—the show could technically go on without it—it’s still a pretty integral part of the ceremony.   To...

Tips to Avoid Getting Mask Rash from Skincare Experts

        Now that wearing a face mask has become a part of our daily lives, you might be experiencing new skin irritations and The Doctors...

Hair care mistakes to avoid when you have braids

  Because your hair is in a protective style, that does not mean you should not take care of it. Thinking that you don't need...

Actual Signs That He is For Keeps

It is only natural that a man will always be proud and showy of his conquest and what deems him as superior. This in...

How To Keep A Relationship

I used to think getting people to want to spend time with me would take work. Effort. A strategy. Secrets someone needed to reveal...

The Most Important Question in a Job Interview, and How to Answer It

You’ve done everything you can to nail this interview. You trawled obscure parts of the company’s website and absorbed its social media feeds. You...

IS KENZO BISEXUAL? Star’s GAY rumors resurface

"It all started after the release of my Stress Free hit single," Kenzo said in May, 2019, while appearing on a local radio station. He...

Uganda’s famous celebrity breakups

  REMA NAMAKULA and Eddie Kenzo are no more. The former announced she'll be introducing another man later this year, meaning her and Kenzo are over. Break...

Model Eva Mbabazi daughter follows in mom’s footsteps, poses topless

  UNITED kingdom based Ugandan model Eva Apio is fast becoming a major force in the modelling industry. Her stunning pictures have been something to behold....

Why is Uganda called the Pearl of Africa? Where did it come from?

Uganda – Has always been the Pearl of Africa Why is Uganda called the Pearl of Africa? – Winston Churchill popularized the Phrase in his 1908...