Friday, April 16, 2021

‘GOD’ IS DEAD! Family confirms self proclaimed Almighty, Owobusobozi Bisaka, is dead

Turyamureba has asked the followers of the faith of unity and the general public to remain calm.

How my hubby infected me with HIV/AIDS. A chilling story of a faithful Ugandan...

That’s when my fears almost choked me, some how I was aware that my life was in danger given the multiple partners my THEN husband had and the symptoms that I was always asking him about only to be told he had chronic ulcers and had undergone thorough checkup and treatment. Foolish me, I believed him cause I loved him. Mistakes we make on a daily.

ARTA NIKA; A fitness trainer once bullied for being fat

And the results are there for everyone to see. Since then, Arta has become a symbol of fitness.

Minister Nabakooba warns of 2nd lockdown

The government has announced it will soon enforce wearing of face masks and there will be no excuse for not having one. Failure to adhere...

Sasha Brighton, Shonga lose twins

Musician Sasha Brighton has revealed she lost her twins after she suffered a miscarriage recently.

Ministry of Health confirms second Covid-19 death in Uganda

Ministry of Health has confirmed the second Covid-19 death in Kampala as first published by New Vision.

Uganda registers first Covid-19 death, ministry hunts for 40 contacts

Ministry of Health has confirmed the first Covid-19 death in Uganda.

Top Kenyan journo, Jeff Koinange, tests positive for Covid-19

Media personality and Royal Media Services news anchor Jeff Koinange has tested positive to Covid-19.

COVID-19; Museveni aide on what must be done for Uganda to return to normal

There's only one or two ways for Uganda to return to normal. Well, according to Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Don Wanyama.

Ugandans dismiss Minister Aceng’s unsatisfying response to controversial photos

Photos of Hon. Aceng without a Facemask and in public caused a storm on Facebook with some even calling for her resignation.