Thursday, June 17, 2021

Museveni’s granddaughter turns up the heat with smokin’ mirror selfie

The granddaughter- identified only as Saasi- showed off her toned figure in a skin-tight flesh revealing top and tight black jeans.

Covid-19 Lockdown Extension: Museveni to address nation tomorrow, Tuesday

President Yoweri Museveni will address the nation tomorrow, Tuesday, at midday where he is expected to extend the lockdown.

COVID-19: Are we getting closer to a vaccine?

A drug that could help treat coronavirus is to be trialled on a small number of patients in England and Scotland.

Museveni set to EXTEND Lockdown by THREE WEEKS despite flattening Covid-19 curve

"The aim is not to flatten the curve," President Museveni is said to have told Ministry of Health officials- "The goal is to crush the curve."

Turkey based Don Mugabi, donates food to Covid-19 team, sends Mobile Money to Facebook...

Turkey based Don Mugabi, donates food to Covid-19 team, sends Mobile Money to Facebook followers.

Singer Ykee Benda eyes NBS TV’s Sheila Nduhukire

Musician Ykee Benda is devising means to get into NBS TV newsanchor Sheila Nduhukire's pants.

(PHOTOS) Lake Victoria swallows it’s neighbours- including Sudhir’s Speke Resort, Serena Kigo

Lake Victoria has once again burst its shoreline and the impact of the ever rising water levels is bringing more trouble for beach owners and goers than before.

Go, eat meat my people! Pastor Kayanja beefs up followers on Easter

Pastor Robert Kayanja has once again expressed his spirit of giving by donating beef to his followers this Easter.

COVID-19: Gen. Muntu challenges Museveni on security brutality

Cases of torture by security of Ugandans have dominated local media.

Covid-19: Coca Cola Defends empty Jerrycans

Coca-Cola Beverages Company donated a total of 187 empty jerrycans and 30 cartons of bottled water towards Covid-19 fight in Uganda.