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BWS targets $1 BILLION weekly revenue following Rebirth

By Our Reporter

The Black Wall Street (BWS) has set a weekly target of a whopping one billion dollar ($1B) revenue in subscribed revenues that will be achieved through the 28 BWS basic human needs apps.

This was announced by Chairman and founder Mr. Charles N Lambert.

The Black Wall Street (BWS) community held The Resurrection Event; Africa’s Rebirth on the 31st May and 1st June 2021 in a colourful event held at the BWS headquarters in Kampala Uganda.

The event was in commemoration of the 100 years old racist capitalists attack on the Black Wall Street Community in North Tulsa Oklahoma where over 300 souls were killed and over 1000 businesses lost.

The event was the worst kind of racist attack on American soil and though efforts were made by the state of Oklahoma to bury this historic event, voices of survivors and descendants of the massacred have risen quite recently demanding for justice.

The commemoration, held at the BWS House in Uganda’s Capital Kampala was hosted by Felix Omozusi and Latoya Benjamin live on the all new Black Wall Street television.

Now following the successful event, Mr. Lambert has announced that meetings with the immediate goal of achieving the $1 billion weekly revenue are in high gear.
“Content is the primary magnet of these revenues so the Satellite TV channels Programs shown on the Apps is the primary service to the subscribers.

I have worked with a team and concluded on all the Shows for all the 28 Satellite TV Channels,” Mr. Lambert announced in a statement.

Mr. Lambert added that 5,000 TV shows of the network are now being given numbers and users will need to simply type that into the platform of Development Channels and information about any of the Shows and one can produce them as a Production assistant, producer, writer, actor, editor etc.

He added: “We are also dedicating each Pillars content Monday to Thursday for the four cardinal points in Africa (East, West, North, South) and Friday for Diaspora ska African Americans issues in the US in relation to access to basic human needs.
We are therefore hiring 5,000 Production Assistants immediately. Young Africans with interest in TV and from various film and tv schools across the continent.”

Recruitment is ongoing.

The two buildings beside the BWS House are being targeted for renovations to form the office work station environment for these 5,000 Production Assistants to function, Lambert announced.

Charles N. Lambert, creator of Compassionate Capitalism and leader of Africa’s first Economic War for Economic Independence

In a related development, Lambert further announced that BWS is preparing to appoint and announce Development Superintendents for the 600 jurisdictions from the United States.

“This is very poignant because this is exactly what my biological father told me was the key to Africa’s greatness back when I was still a teenager. Bring back the westerners who understand the system they brought here was his admonition. We are doing better by bringing our brothers and sisters not Europeans,” he said.

The Development Superintendents will begin working through video based meetings to recruit Product Placement Officers who will play the role of packing Redirect Mall, the Satellite channels and Economic Circle with Producers and their advertisements. 100 Product Placement Officers per Jurisdiction will be drawn from African youths.

Meanwhile, the BWS Chapel will resume next week with the expanded BWS House VIP Club and new BWS Basketball Court.



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