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Bukenya smoked out deeply engrossed with Kasita


By Allan Saba


Popular songbird Carol Kasita, who is famously known by her stage name Karole Kasita, seems not to be cursing the COVID-19 lockdown, because she is earning despite the closure of bars, night clubs and suspension of music concerts in Uganda.

Moles reveal that whereas most musicians are at home stranded because they can’t stage any performances, a few lucky ones, like Kasita, are being hired by wealthy clients to stage private performances for them.

According to Moles, Kasita was over the weekend hired by to stage a private performance at a private party at which former vice president Prof. Gilbert Bukenya was the Chief Guest.

We have since established that the said party had been organised by Conrad Mullindwa who was celebrating his birthday and it was attended by a few of his close associates, among who was Bukenya.

However, Moles intimate that while at the party, Kasita, who was performing alongside skimpily dressed queen dancers, put on a very thrilling show that excited all the guests that had attended the party, including Bukenya.

Moles also told us that Bukenya was smoked out deeply engrossed with Kasita as the two whispered sweet nothings to each other.

Although whatever Bukenya and Kasita were whispering to each other in purely a matter to do with private affairs, it should be noted that the former VP has a penchant for sexy female musicians.

Over the years Bukenya has enjoyed merrymaking moments with songbirds like Iryn Namubiru, Sheila Nvanungi, Desire Luzinda, Sharon O, Leila Kayondo among others and he seems like nothing is about to end his merrymaking sprees. Not very soon at least!



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