There are fears that singer Moze Radio could have been bewitched after the singer fell terribly ill earlier today.

Xclusive UG has learnt that talented Radio was earlier today rushed to hospital with a severe headache and a cold, raising fears that rival camps could be behind his sickness.

For the last few months Radio has been at loggerheads with former manager Jeff Kiwanuka. The two bitterly split leading to the collapse of the solid Good Lyfe. Since their fight at Casablanca bar at Acacia Avenue last month, there have been accusations of witchcraft and sodomy from the rival camps.

Radio accused Jeff of sacrificing his

young brother one Henry Kiwanuka last year. Though Radio’s accusation remains unsubstantial, this latest development has had tongues in Radio/Weasel camp wagging and claiming Radio’s latest ailment is a result of his feud with Jeff Kiwa. Earlier this week, Jeff was evicted from Neverland house in Makindye by Radio’s lawyers.

Jeff claimed to fight till the end to secure the house.

Today Radio and Weasel were set to appear on NTV for an interview but it was cancelled.

It must be noted that a few weeks ago, a top city pastor prophesied that a member of Good Lyfe (that is Team No Sleep and Radio/Weasel) would die in one hundred days.

Our medical source close to the singers insists Radio has malaria.


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