For a while Prince Ehmah has disappeared from the social scene, both entertainment and social media. He has not performed at his Laftaz outfit for over a month. Info coming in is that Prince Ehmah would have been a dead man by now had he not got immediate medical help. He started complaining of cough and chest pains plus stomach pains and ran to local clinics for medicine. Little did he know that the slow killing poison he was given was slowly eating up his internal organs.

On the Monday of 9th/Sept at 2:00am frantic calls were made when Ehmah started vomiting and coughing blood with some oozing thru the ***hole and the ears. Dolibondo was the first to respond and took

him to Kadic Clinic in Ntinda where they did an X-Ray and foung that one lung had been destroyed almost completely. They proceeded to Life-Link Medical Center in Ntinda and they found out that the man’s intestines and stomach walls had also been eaten up. The doctor at Life Link a one Dr. Juuko said, “This is not natural.

It’s something he ate that’s eating him up slowly.” This was after testing for several diseases like pneumonia, bacterial infections, peptic ulcers, tuberculosis, lung cancer and none of them was found. He was given medication but is still in critical condition, lost weight, eyes turned yellow and skin is now pale. Dolibondo who has been taking him to hospital was heard lamenting at Laftaz, “Wabula Kampala si bizimbe.” N’ekitone butone omuntu akufitina.”


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