Member of Parliament and legendary actor Hon. Kato Lubwama has described musicians Rema Namakula and Chris Evans Kaweesi as ‘silly’ following their clash last week.

During Rema’s Valentine’s Day live concert at Hotel Africana, the ‘Clear’ singer and Chris Evans clashed while performing their collaboration song, Linda.

It all started when Evans jokingly sung about Rema’s ex-lover, also singer Eddy Kenzo while performing, little did he know that, this joke would rub Rema a wrong way.
In retaliation, Rema pulled Evans off the stage amidst their performance. As Evans persisted to stay, Rema instead walked off.

Evans was shamefully left on the stage alone as he struggled to act normal.

However speaking this week, Chris Evans demanded an apology from Rema or he ends his association her.

Today, while speaking to local channel Spark TV, Hon. Lubwama insists both artistes acted stupid and silly.

He said: “They are both silly, and must apologise to the fans.
Rema is very excited in her love and she is flaunting it all over. Fans are going

to get fed up soon.”

He also advised Rema’s husband, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya to make a decision about his role in his marriage.

“Hamza must decide what he wants. Either to be a performer on stage, or perform his duties as a husband of a superstar,” Lubwama advised.

He insisted that performers must be serious while onstage.

“Fans cough lots of hard earned money to watch stars. Therefore, performers must take their jobs serious,” he added.

Lubwama further accused Rema of doing whatever she does to hurt her ex, Kenzo.

He said: “But now it all looks like they are trying to hurt Kenzo. There’s nothing big.
Hamza though needs to reduce on excitement, its becoming too much. He’s a doctor, let him just do medical work, or decide to start singing.

And the way Rema treats Hamza, or even the way he chased Chris Evans offstage vindicates Kenzo.”

Kenzo ended his relationship and abandoned Rema in his Seguku home.
Kenzo is said to have told pals that he was tired of Rema’s bossy character.


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