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Bobi Wine’s brothers fight over property

Eddy Yawe

By Allan Saba | Xclusive Reporter

Former National Unity Platform (NUP)Presidential candidate Bobi Wine’s brothers are reportedly fighting over their family’s wealth.

According to a reliable source , Banjo man, Mikie Wine and Dad Vibes are accusing their elder brothers Fred Nyanzi Sentamu and Eddy Yaawe of taking over their late father’s wealth leaving them with almost nothing.

A source tells us that three brothers accuse their elders brothers of failing to equally distribute their late father’s property equally. A source adds that the young stars also took the matter to court However, sources say that Fred Nyanzi and group have not complied with the court orders.

Another source who is an insider and close to the family has told us that court decided that the land should be shared equally among all the children of late Sentamu but Chairman Nyanzi is still playing hide and seek.

This has increased the rift and relatives and accuse elder children want to steal property from the young ones


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