Ziza Bafana in in detention

Presidential hopeful Bobi Wine has confirmed musician Ziza Bafana’s arrest receiving it as stinking double standardness.

Ragga star Bafana was arrested alongside three other people for sneaking to Tanzania and back.
They had gone for a musical performance.
Since his return Bafana has been in quarantine and then prison for flouting the government’s Covid rules.

This has left Bobi Wine unimpressed.
He wrote: “And the stinking double standards continue!

Our brother #ZizaBafana is under illegal detention, ostensibly for defying Gen. Museveni’s directives on #COVID19.

The brother and his colleagues went to sing in Tanzania and upon return he was quarantined. After 14 days, instead of being allowed to go home, they were handed over to police. He has been complaining of mistreatment while in quarantine, including being deprived

of food, harassment, etc.

His real crime is in fact not related to COVID19- it is simply because when he was in Tanzania, he spoke about Bobi Wine and promoted People Power on stage! His crime was singing about People Power while under quarantine!

Bobi Wine

If his crime was related to promoting COVID19, thousands of NRM politicians should now be in custody. Many singers who have been singing at NRM rallies should be under detention. Gen. Museveni himself was in Tanzania on the weekend. It is very shameful that a government can treat citizens this way and punish them simply for identifying with a political leader or political formation.

Hang in there bro. As we continue to demand for your release, rest assured that Uganda will soon be free!”


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