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Bobi ordered to return to Uganda, USA trip stopped


NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has returned to Uganda after he was stopped from going to the United States of America following his recent trip to South Africa.

Bobi Wine

South Africa is on USA’s Covid red listed country. Bobi was informed from Qatar that he can’t proceed to USA and was ordered to return to Uganda.

He said: “Yesterday, I left Uganda for the United States of America via Qatar, to attend our Diaspora events including the Uganda Action Day and our Convention, all scheduled this weekend. When I got to Doha in Qatar, it was noted that I was in South Africa less than two weeks back. Apparently, there are still Coronavirus related restrictions for anyone who has been in South Africa (and a host of other countries) from proceeding to the United States until after fourteen days. Unfortunately, we didn’t detect this earlier. Officials at Entebbe were also unaware of this restriction so they did not advise in it.

It is on that account that I had to cancel my onward travel to USA and return to Uganda this morning.

This notwithstanding, the planned activities this weekend will proceed. There are several NUP leaders who are already in the US including Hon. Zaake Francis, Hon. Kayemba Solo and Chairman Nyanzi. Other NUP leaders are also on their way to take part in the activities. I will also be part of the event virtually, together with a team of leaders who are not able to travel for one reason or another.

I apologise for any inconveniences this may cause to all of you who anticipated my physical presence at the Convention and other events. In the coming weeks, I’ll definitely be able to come for various interactions and events.”



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