Sheila Gashumba became sexually active at a very tender age, her close friend of many years has revealed.

In an interview, former NTV presenter Robinah Kisitu- known as Robin Kisti- claimed Sheila has dated various guys and has actually aborted countless times.
Sounding unapologetic, Kisti insisted she is in the know because Sheila was her close confidant and she would spend some nights at Sheila’s home in Bunga.

Kisti further revealed Sheila’s biggest undoing was her dad, Frank Gashumba, trying to raise her to match the former NTV Login presenter’s high standards.

Last Friday (1st May 2020), Sheilah Gashumba revealed how she used to earn Shs50k per show while still working at NTV Uganda. She followed her revelation with accusation of how employers in media exploit journalists.

Her revelation was met with massive support from the public and several top celebrities but a few, including former NTV Login show presenter Robin Kisti, despised the manner in which Sheila exposed her former employees.

Kisti further accused Sheila and her dad of conniving to have her fired from NTV.

Some people rose with claims that Kisti is fighting a needless battle against

a girl way younger than her and that she is just jealous of what Sheila has achieved in such a short time.

Kisti denied claims that she has a personal battle against Sheila and that she is just jealous. The former Login presenter revealed that she is only fighting for the career which she invested so much in.

“I have no beef with Sheila. I only arose as a TV presenter who is defending her craft. I studied for this career and I know its worth,” Kisti said.

Further, Kisti noted that Sheila paid bloggers to rise up and attack her on social media but most were her friends and they even first called her on phone to alert her of what Sheila had done.

From Sheila, Kisti rolled easy to her father Frank whom she says tried his level best to make her friends with his daughter as she joined NTV Uganda. Kisti reveals that Sheila told her all this.

And much more.
Sheila, according to Kisti, started enjoying sex even before she joined NTV so many years, dating various celebrities in order to raise her status.


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