Beenie Bunter shows of chic

A few months back, Beenie Gunter was all over the news due child neglect. According to the lady known as Fiona Akankwasa who claims that the singer got her pregnant after a night from some bar in Namugongo where the two met.

Now the latest we have is that the Talent Africa music star Beenie Gunter has come out and posted the girl friend named Nickie Berry who anytime will be making him to be a proud father

his child.

Beenie Gunter took this to his social media on Instagram and posted a photo showing the lady whom he ballooned.

The singer posted this morning, to make it clear to his haters and those secret admires that he is taken and soon will be the father.

Beenie shared a photo of Nickie with her hand placed over her baby bump and added the caption; “You Deserve the World.”

Beenie Bunter chic shows off baby bump



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