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Bebe Cool, Zuena mark 19 years of love… Read pal Chameleone’s touching message


The Ssalis as they have come to be known as celebrating 19 years of love.

Yes, Bebe Cool (Moses Ssali) and his gorgeous wife Zuena Kireka Ssali.
19 years ago today, the two kicked off a romance after meeting in Jinja.

Today, they have five beautiful children; Alpha, Beata, Caysan, Ozil and Iman.

Zuena took to social media to celebrate her amazing man.
“If I were to choose again, I would still choose you my love. Thank you for loving and taking good care of me Mr Ssali. If Mr good heart was a person, it would surely be you without a doubt.
19 years it is my ❤ and the best part is the beautiful memory lane we have created.

May Allah enable us to see our great grandchildren.
I love you Mr Ssali and will always do.
Happy 19th Anniversary, Bebe Cool,” she wrote of Facebook.

And celebrity pals have congratulated the couple upon the milestone achievement.

Superstar friend Jose Chameleone wrote:
“In whatever conditions and all intimidation Love, Trust and togetherness can be the best answer that makes way like Moses made way for Israelites across the Red Sea.

I am a great witness to the love between Mr. Moses Ssali and former miss Uganda contestant Zuena Kirema Ssali even before they had all their beautiful babies 19 years ago.

I am putting all best wishes for you on this because as a family man I know what it takes for two to become one. It takes so much Patience, Forgiveness and LOVE.

Happy 19 years together.
May God keep you together and be blessed more and more in Allah’s name.”



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