It’s been a celebrity filled ceremony today as Rema Namakula introduced her fiance Dr. Hamza Ssebunya to her family in Nabbingo, but there was a notable absentee.

Bebe Cool.

The singer, widely considered as Rema’s musical mentor, was nowhere to be seen instead choosing to be far away in Gomba.
It’s not clear why the Gagamel star didn’t attend Rema’s biggest day todate but sources claim he has never fully recovered

from Rema quitting his Gagamel band.

Rema dumped Bebe’s Gagamel to pursue a solo career after hooking musician Eddie Kenzo.

Bebe Cool wrote on Facebook: “Today, I was invited as guest of honour at the annual youth celebrations in Gomba district.

I also launched the Gomba Youths Enterprenuership Sacco that has registered over 6,000 youth. Special thanks to the Gomba youth leadership, religious leaders, area Mps and all the youth in Gomba for the great hospitality.”
Fans were quick to note how he avoided speaking about Rema Namakula.


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