Bad Black who is popular on Social Media for all the wrong reasons, got in touch with Pretty Glo today and took her to a boutique, got her new clothes and then went straight to Africa Retreat Centre.

Bad black being hugged by Pretty Glo

Bad black being hugged by Pretty Glo


Glo who was in Rwanda before she came back to revive her music career and has allegedly been abusing drugs, looked worn out but appreciative of the fact that a fellow celebrity came

to her aid.


Bad Black is said to have paid 1 million shillings cash of the total 7 Million shillings bill to get the singer back in shape both in body, mind and spirit.
Speaking about her current situation, Glo while hugging Black said that she has gone through a lot and hopes to come out of Rehab a better person. She thanked the socialite and ex-con for the kind heart and promised to be better.

Pretty Glo who is said to have also dated faded musician Qute Kaye said that she was fending for her sick child when they caught her stealing a phone from Ham Towers.


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