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Baby Taj’s secrets out


By Allan Saba | Xclusive Reporter


Veteran singer Juliana Kanyomoozi has narrated through her YouTube channel how she was stuck in Canada alone in 2019 after giving birth to her son Taj.

The singer explained that the lockdown was imposed days after she had settled in the country and her baby daddy could not travel to be with her hence giving birth without any relative around her.

Baby Taj’s secrets out

2019 I get the news that I’m pregnant and then at the beginning of 2020 I travelled out, I went to Canada and as soon as I settled in, I started hearing about Covid-19. Imagine a lockdown, in winter, you are pregnant, you are alone, that was scary. My sister and Taj’s father were supposed to come but they told me they couldn’t make it because of the lockdown,” Juliana revealed.

The princess of Tooro disclosed that the hospital in which she gave birth without a helper before and after birth taking care of her as a mother would to her child. She said that she came back after a year because she missed her family so much.

“I came back at the beginning of this year; I was there for one year. Sometimes I would sit there and cry because I missed my family,” She said.

The singer is still excited about baby Taj. She revealed that after getting the news that she was pregnant, she was so excited adding that being a mother is the greatest thing she has now.

“It has been a wonderful moment being a new mom,” Juliana said.



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