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Welcome to Our Advertising Page. Below you will find facts about Xclusive Ug and our Ratecard. Feel free to contact us if you need anything on mail at xclusiveug@gmail.com



Greetings from Team Xclusive UG.
We are happy to introduce to you Uganda’s fastest growing online news website/media house www.xclusive.co.ug.

Xclusive.co.ug is a news-breaking website that specializes in breaking stories in entertainment, gossip, lifestyle, arts, and social investigations. For the last twelve months, www.xclusive.co.ug has grown into the leading and preferred online edition for most Ugandans when it comes to entertainment news.

We are driven by the notion that Every Event Is a story that deserves to be shared, and thankfully the public has reacted to our stories with great support in terms of viewership. Our stories are put together by a team of experienced and qualified society reporters, as well as a team of selected professionals with broad knowledge in various fields.

Xclusive.co.ug has Eight hundred thousand hits on average per day. According to Alexa, an international reputable web ranking site, xclusive.co.ug has about 93% of the site’s visitors in Uganda, it has attained a traffic rank of 20 in this period. This without doubt means xclusive.co.ug is the fastest growing indigenous website. Compared with internet averages, the site’s audience tends to be users who browse from work and school. It also appeals more to the ABC1 class, youths, corporates and middle class people aged 18-35 and 55–65 who have postgraduate educations. Xclusive.co.ug website has 400,000 page views on average per day, 25,000 page visits. We intend to achieve at least 5,000,000 page views per month in the next near future. Of course with our ground breaking gossip stories and entertainment news, we are confident we will get there.

We are among the top 10 local websites in Uganda and are targeting position number 1 in the next one-year. The website prides it self in breaking exclusive stories that are viewed by everyone with access to internet. This is mainly because internet users are left with no option but to visit our website.

We are unique!

Requirements For Good Ads

The Ads have to be exclusive to match up to the design of the theme and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The Ads are not automatically renewable at the end of the subscription. Ad openings are offered to ““wait-listed”” members (those from whom an order has been received prior).

Company logos (no advertising graphics or text) are accepted in electronic (preferred) or a new design can be done at an extra cost to meet the desired concepts.

The formats accepted include JPG and .PNG or .Gif for any animations included. Logos are run on calendar month cycles and must be received at least 20 days before the ad is to appear.

Currently ADS are served on a shared banner basis, for dedicated banners the advertiser will pay a surcharge fee of 30% of the cost of the space and will appear alone for the period of the subscription.

Our Rate Card:


Premium Banner



US $







Home page Leader head banner (728x 90 pixels) –       (taken) taken
Home page Leader Board banner (In between Cat) (1200 x 90)  Reg 380 400
Side bar Prem banners (350 x250) 340 450
Single Post Premium Banner 600 418
Leader head banner (728 x 90 pixels) 300 348
In post banner (1200×90) (728x 90) Reg 300 307
Single post banner (728 x 83 pixels) 200 348
Home page banner (738 x 90)  Reg 180 264



XclusiveUgNews Audience Overview


10,180 (1 month)

Demographics Male




17 -45



Age Bracket
Coperate/Ent Biz