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ARTA NIKA; A fitness trainer once bullied for being fat

An overweight person may worry about what others think about them.

When people judge you unfairly, it can make you feel like it’s your fault. Well-meaning parents, siblings, or friends can sometimes make things worse by making “suggestions” about food or exercise. These good intentions may come across as criticism.

Most people who are overweight or fat are teased or bullied. Teasing and bullying can make you feel sad or embarrassed. Fear of being judged or rejected might make you shy away from people. You may stop doing things you enjoy.

Some people have gone as far as commiting suicide.

But one person who has refused to be bullied and instead worked on herself is Arta Nika, Sweden based fitness trainer. Arta was bullied, teased and ridiculed for years because of her weight.

Many expected her to break down because of the bullied. She didn’t.

Instead, she took her mind — and other people’s — off her weight and concentrated on herself. In 2019, Arta turned the bullied into her motivation and worked towards improving her physical look.

And the results are there for everyone to see. Since then, Arta has become a symbol of fitness.

At 27 years, Arta now has a shape of a model and is fast becoming an inspiration to many young women and men. She has risen from being bullied because she was fat to someone everyone looks up to her.

And her dream is to be a fitness trainer to help others become fit and be healthy.
She told this website that she trains 5 to 6 days a week. Apart from the physical trainings she does, she can be found on Instagram : arta_nika_fitness where she shares fitness tips.


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