Home Political Spy Another NUP MP-elect sued for forged academic papers

Another NUP MP-elect sued for forged academic papers

Lubaga South Elect Member Of Parliament Aloysius Mukasa Talton Gold has been sued over forging academic documents.

Euginia Nassolo has dragged the NUP MP-elect to court over forged academic papers through her lawyers Alaka & Co Advocates.

This is the same law firm handling Ssegirinya Muhammad case. Ssegirinya is accused of forging academic documents and could w thrown out of his Kawempe South MP seat.

Euginia says Mukasa only passed Fine Art at UACE hence not qualifying for the office of MP hence being an academic dwarf who failed to get the required 2 principal passes, In January parliamentary polls, Euginia Nassolo scored12,893 votes against Mukasa’s 49,501.

However Mukasa Aloysius insists that the documents he submitted were all correct and making him eligible to take over that space of representing Lubaga South in the 11th Parliament.




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