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Akon’s little brother in love with UG singers


By Allan Saba | @Xclusive Lifestyle | 3 min Read

A group photo of Akon and the brothers

Commonly known as TMD Konvict, World music star Akon’s little brother is currently in love with Uganda. We managed to track him down and shared a few with us.

Who is TMD Konvict?

Hahahah. Well, first of all I am happy to have connected to Uganda. TMD Konvict is Thiam Millionaire dancer. Born and Raised in Senegal.

It is rumored your Akon’s little brother, how true is it? How are you related? Tell more your background

It is not a rumor. It is very true Akon is my cousin. Our fathers are biological brothers and share a lot in common. I was raised in the United States.

Akon’s little brother in love with UG singers

When did you start singing?

Well, I started singing in 1995 as a young boy. All these years I have been progressing time and again.

Does Akon help you promote your music and how?


He has  a been a pillar. He has touched me to help move to where I am now. He helps me in whatever I do.

So far what has been your biggest project you have worked on successfully?


I have worked on very many projects. Most of my projects are very successful and I usually give it all my best.

In Uganda, what musicians do you admire and would like to work with?


I love Uganda with all my heart. Given a chance I would like to work with all Ugandan musicians at large. They are all talented in all aspects.

Being Akon’s little brother we guess you have money, who puts money in your music career?

In life no one is rich. It is all about being so good to people and that  is all that matters. When you’re good and have a good heart, then you’re rich.

Away from music what do you do?

Besides music, I am a successful businessman.

Tell  us more about your latest song?

My latest is called Giggi giggi. The message behind it simply means to be free and express yourself at whatever cost. One needs to be happy.

Compare Ug music industry to Nigeria?


I cant compare these two countries because its all Africa. It just the distance between us but we are same people.

How do you see yourself in next five year?


In the next five years, I want to be bigger than what I am today.

My latest hit song here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9MDStz6Gbo&authuser=0



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