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Actor Mugabire on office romance & life as a movie star


By Allan Saba | Xclusive Reporter

Mugabire Mulshid Edson is an actor with medical knowledge. Because of his roles in film and Movies, a section of Ugandans has termed him as a lover boy. He has played roles in the top and famous movies like Mistakes gal do on pearl magic and latest Monica.

We caught up with him

How did you get involved in Acting?

Well, I started acting when I was in school in drama clubs and MDD. Other people were so much interested in football but my interest was dancing and drama. I remember while in primary school, I was the only boy involved in Kiganda dance in our primary school choir. Of course, through school, we do things as you do academics but I had it at the back of my mind I would try it out. My dream was to be a doctor.

In my pursuit of art while in school, I did PCB. Doing science in senior 5, everyone expected me to be a serious student. I would do some drama at school but while in senior 6 my house patron turned my life around when he challenged me to participate in the music drama since I wanted to first put the drama aside and concentrate on books. But well, I later passed very well.

I started real acting in my first year at campus. I was working with my auntie in Kikuubo. I sat I realized I would make it work, study and act. Ensintano on CBS Radio really inspired me. As time went on I went and joined Musician Mariam Ndagire’s group. Each step made the other.

Who is Mugabire Mulshid Edson ?

I describe myself as a free soul. I love making friends. I am a very friendly guy and free-spirited.

What common stage name do you use?

I prefer maintaining my name is Mugabire Mulshid Edson has never changed. I use my both names each time. I think I am proud of my name and that is it. Most people although know me as Shid.

How long have you been an actor? From where did you get started?

I started professional acting at Miriam Ndagire’s group. I did a short course at her group and graduated. She later added me to the Tendo sisters and also recorded to Afri Talents.

How many plays have you done so far?

Hahaha. Well, I have many but the debut stage play was with Afri talent in 2015. The stage play was Kiggwa Leero. I later did Nagoomola and many more. I have never looked back ever since then.

In how many films you have performed up till now?

I am going to describe it in two categories. One is feature films that last minutes. I have done quite a few of them. One is Extra time directed by Kizito Samuel. It was a production honoring the works of Yasin Lubowa. We did it around 2017.


The next one is Monica where did a supporting role as Moses, there is between us, mistakes gals do, The honorable all on Pearl Magic.

Are you working on any current projects?

Yes, I have many. Between us is still going on. We are shooting new series. There is a new TV series that is coming up. More are coming up. I will share.

What kind of roles have you performed throughout your career? Are you satisfied with them?


I have played many roles. As an actor, every performance I do, I give it my best. But what happens is when the project is out and you sit to watch, you feel you could have done better in such areas. But lately, I am beginning to get satisfied. But as I grow I am getting to learn more.

How different is it to act in a movie and to act in a theater play?

Well, the difference is that with theatre you have one take or chance. It is a time performance that you won’t have time to recorrect. And with Movies, the cameras are there. Even if things are not moving on well, there is a chance for editing.

Tell me about an area in which you would like to improve as an actor?

There are so many areas. As you grow up as an actor you tend to want to change a lot yourself. Watch my projects I have done before and feel like I need to change my voice and a few other things. What I know is that every character you meet will need something different. There is always something new to learn.

Do you ever think that you could have done a bit better in any particular role?

Yes yes and Yes. With acting, it is an act. So as you perform you think that is the best the mind has given at that point but when you sit back and watch, you see another good idea.

Which has been your favorite character that you have performed?

My best character is being an Uncle in a production called Watanabe. I was given a role of an uncle aged 68 years old. It was a character of being a very responsible person considering my real age. It did it very perfectly well and people love it. Fans cheered me up and I got the confidence.

What are your strong points as an actor?

I based my strong points on focus and concentration. Because I know I am doing this with passion, I stay focused. Also, the connection with my audience also is my strong point.

In most movies you’ve been involved you seem to play a role of a lover boy. Are you that in nature?

Hahaha. In nature, I am a cool guy who loves being in love too. Also, I want to attach the character of a loverboy to our directors and writer that tend to think my looks clearly suits that character of a loverboy. But as I said, I am a very nice guy and a cool person who believes in love.

Clearly, your role in mistakes gals do has really sold you up. How did you come to choose it?

I didn’t choose that role personally. One of my bosses contacted me to play that role. It wasn’t my choice at all. I feel good I tried it on and realized how good it has made me.


So the mistakes gals do movie is a real-life experience?

Well, this is what I think. The writer and director of mistakes gals do, I think he has observed society and realized these conflicts in the society. In my opinion, a writer is a living person that lives in society.

The girls you act with are really hot, how do you control the temptations of taking the movie parts into real life?

Hahaha. Many people have asked me this same question. Sadly, many don’t believe in our answers. But well, we are also like any other office working together. There are work and life. We put a line between work and our private life. Of course, this doesn’t rule out the fact that other people fall in love with each other like any other person. But usually work is work.

What have you learned from the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?

Wow, this is a broad question. I have worked with my talented and respected directors. These directors have a fine hand. They have fine-tuned me and have made me who I am.

What are your educational qualifications?

I have a diploma in acting. I have a diploma in Pharmacy and currently pursuing a bachelor’s in procurement and supplies management.

Do you think that you have matured as an actor?

I am not yet at my best level but I am sure I have matured into a great actor. Way back there are many things I didn’t know but now a better actor.

How do you think film stars handle their popularity?

I think in Uganda we have had any film stars yet. In a general way, you lose nothing in being polite. We get too much attention and one needs to be just polite.

Mention any special recognition or award that you have received for your acting skills?

Like I said I have achieved some big awards. While with Mariam Ndagire, I won the award of being the best actor. More are coming as I better myself.

What do you prefer theater acting or movie acting?

To be honest with you, I love stage so much. You get to be in control of everything while on stage.

What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?

I am not a celebrity though. But the hardest part is society making you like you’re from Mars. Society thinks you’re always on point which is not true. Society raises high standards for celebrities.

Who is your favorite actor?

This is the hardest question. But growing up my favorite actor Abby Mukiibi. I admire Patrick Mujuuka, Micheal Junior, and many more

How do you see the film, movie industry in Uganda in the next five years.?

There is a lot of hope. The industry is very promising. Big brands are coming up to take on the industry like Pearl Magic and our other local channels. However, we need to improve our distribution channels up to the local people. I believe in the next five years, the industry will be doing better.



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