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A letter to Moses Magogo

By Mohammad Kimbugwe

The Need for Power Change at Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA)

Dear Hon. Eng. Moses Magogo,

I must first of all concede that I did not know you until around August 2013 when you succeeded Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa at the helm of FUFA. However, I was among the Ugandans that welcomed this change and the fruits are self explaining. This isn’t in any way to imply that I didn’t appreciate Dr. Mulindwa. Far from it. He had established himself as a capable leader and had earned the respect of Ugandans, even in the midst of our qualifications woes.

Back to you. I celebrated your arrival and every milestone the beautiful game of football has scored in Uganda under your leadership. With you, we managed to break our AFCON qualification jinx and the National team has gone ahead to qualify under various age brackets. Still fresh on my mind is the good run for the Hippos and their final against Ghana. We didn’t win that one but it was an experience worth cherishing. The Uganda Premier League has since gained a semblance of professionalism and structure, and the same can be said for the big league.

Yours has been a phenomenon tenure and not even our failure to qualify for AFCON 2021 can take that away. Yours has also been a clear testimony of the benefits of power change. That you could succeed a man the calibre of Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa and go on to score so many success, speaks volumes about the benefits of regularly changing office bearers.

For the sake of football in Uganda, kindly embrace a new president at FUFA house and continue to play an advisory role, alongside your parliamentary duties. That way, your track record will remain intact and you’ll also create room for fresh leadership and ideas at FUFA.

This isn’t to imply that you are now short of ideas. Far from it. I’m simply saying that you’ve had a good run and now is the time to pass the baton to the next leader.

Mohamed Kimbugwe.
Express Football Club Supporter
Uganda Cranes Supporter
Lover of football


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