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A FOLLOWER’S VIEW: Yiga was a conman disguising behind church…The business of thinking you’ll live recklessly & we praise you at your funeral should stop

By Joy Shantel

‘Pastor’ Augustine Yiga has been a well-known conman, fraudster and comedian disguising behind the church umbrella.

We all know that, therefore stop abusing Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga. The fact that Yiga is dead, church should not own his fouls but condemn them.

Yiga’s actions were not representing the body of christ as we know it.
Let’s hope he repented his sins before he died.

We witnessed the fake miracles, the nudity on his TV, the rape cases, the HIV infections, the child neglect cases, the church comedy, selling of miracles in form of rings and handkerchiefs(which is against the gospel),etc.


it only takes a brave servant of God like Pr Ssenyonga to insist on the truth even in such a moment full of public judgement and sentiments.

This business of thinking that you will live recklessly and we praise you on your funeral should stop. Let’s live right and exemplary.

However if the heathens live by it then let the church stand for the truth. Sin is sin whether you are dead or alive.
We hope Pr Yiga received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior before his last breath.

Pr Ssenyonga’s address was aimed at utilizing this opportune moment to straighten the church.

To tell people that selling miracles and actions of the sort are completely unacceptable, not in this life and not after one’s death.


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