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SHOCKING TRUTH! Why Chameleone Reunited AgaNaga, Pallaso, Weasel


LAST WEDNESDAY top music star Dr. Jose Chameleone reunited fellow singers Kalifah AgaNaga on one hand, and Pallaso, and Weasel on the other hand.

Chameleone and the Good Lyfe boys
Chameleone and the Good Lyfe boys

The reunion has been seen as a great step towards bringing peace, harmony and unity among local artistes who have fought for a longtime.

However shockingly Xclusive UG has learnt that the reunion masterminded by Chameleone is a ploy to ‘destroy Jeff Kiwanuka’s TNS’ as it is believed by Chameleone and Pallaso that only a combined effort can only bring down vintage TNS and Jeff Kiwanuka.

It must be noted that Pallaso has a concert at Freedom City on the same day Roden Y under the influence of Jeff Kiwa will also be in concert on the same day at nearby Nyondo Pub. With that background and the fact that Kalifah and Emma Carlos had been bruised by the Labonita show, the grounds were favourable for a while reunion.

Therefore Kalifah needed to repair face while Pallaso on the other hand needs all the support he can get to wave off Roden Y and Jeff Kiwa.

The insider adds that all parties had to swallow they pride and with Jose Chameleon is influence the reunion was inevitable.

Conclusively in the next days to come, brace yourselves for a battle between TNS and Pallaso’s Team Good Music, now back by Chameleone, Kalifah, Radio and Weasel.



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