Igara West Member of Parliament Raphael Magyezi has dismissed reports that he has withdrawn from the parliamentary race in the 2021 general elections.

Magyezi who has been the legislator for Igara West since 2011 has confirmed in an interview that he will be in the running for the seat.

“Anybody saying that I won’t stand as Igara West MP in the forthcoming general elections is working for my opponents, such information is fake,’ says

MP Magyezi.

” I’m planning to hold a press conference and clear the air. You should know that I’m strong on the ground and ready to defeat anybody who thinks that they are stronger,” the legislator explained.

There have been reports suggesting that Magyezi was receiving a lot of pressure from his voters because of his primary involvement in the amendme too of m the Age limit clause in the constitution back in 2017. Others claimed that he had pulled out to concentrate on his ministerial duties.

However the Minister for Local government has put these allegations to bed and confirmed that he will be standing again.


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