Nalweyiso as New UPDF Spokes person

Commander in Chief President Yoweri Museveni has made a reshuffle in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces involving 29 senior army officers.

Museveni has appointed UPDF Member of Parliament Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso as the new UPDF Spokesperson, replacing Brig Gen Richard Karemire.

Ms Byekwaso who’s the second-highest ranking woman in the UPDF, behind Lt Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso, becomes the first female officer to be appointed as army spokesperson.

Brig Karemiire on Saturday said he had been assigned to East African Community (EAC) Secretariat as Defence Liaison Officer after his term of office as defence and army spokesperson expired.

“Please join me to welcome Hon Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso appointed the Defence Spokesperson following the end of my tour of duty. I have been assigned to EAC Secretariat as Defence Liaison Officer. I look forward to working on Integration as the solution for our strategic security,” Brig Karemire tweeted.

Below is the full list

of appointed officers

1.Maj Gen Sam Kiwanuka- Chief of Production&Welfare.

2.Maj Gen Moses Ddiba Ssentongo_ Chief Mubende Rehabilitation Centre.

3.Maj Gen Hudson Mukasa_Chief of Staff Reserve Forces

4.Maj Gen Francis Okello_Comdt National Defense College.

5.Maj Gen Innocent Oula_Deputy MD NEC.

6.Maj Gen Don Nabasa_Contingent Commander-AMISOM.

7.Brig Gen Emanuel Rwashande _Chief Civil Military Cooperation

8.Brig Gen Stephen Oluka- deployed to OWC

9.Brig Gen George Etyang-OWC

10.Brig Gen Jeff Mukasa_ Director Counter Terrorism

11.Brig Gen William Beinomugisha- 2/ic 2 Division

12. Brig Gen James Kaija_Defense Advisor UK

13. Brig Gen Fred Karara_ DA Sudan

14. Brig Gen Christopher Bbossa_DA China.

15. Brig Gen Mike Kisame_ DA Kenya

16. Brig Gen Joseph Balikudembe 3 Div Commander

17. Brig Gen Simon Ocan- DA Switzerland

18.Brig Gen Michael Kabango_Seconded to AU Peace Support Operations Department.

19.Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye- OWC.

20.Brig Gen Mathew Gureme- Chief of Training & Recruitment.

21.Brig Gen Richard Karemire _ Defence Liaison Officer(DLO) EAC Secretariat Headquarters.

22.Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso-Defence Spokesperson

23. Brig Gen Tingira Irumba_ Chief of Policy& Plans

24. Brig Gen Charles Asiimwe _ Commander National Counter Terrorism Centre.

25.Brig Gen Richard Otto_ Deputy CMI

26.Brig Gen James Nambale_ DA Turkey.

27.Brig Gen Robert Ocama-OWC

28. Col Bahoku Barigye- DA Cuba

29. Col Keith Katungi_ Commandant Military Police.


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