By Beinomugisha Fredrick

I am a Munyaruguru – just call me a Munyankole for starters who thinks all is one. An abstract to derive you to the infamous hate word; westerners! In short I am a westerner.

I am sorry for clarifying with a personal story. I have grown hearing my father (RIP ‘1995’ Karuhanga Fredrick) worked somewhere around the President’s office and interestingly my grandmother apparently was a conservative Hunter and you would never place the luck anywhere around nepotism or whatever we are wholesomely blamed as westerners.

Karuhanga rose through the ranks of toil, abject poverty, hardwork, shameless education, perseverance and GYENVUDDE (Harriet Kisakye) would be the song to memorize the struggle of any other ordinary Westerner who came to Makerere to study and refused to go back.

Now, Karuhanga joined the heavenly choir in 1995 (I was 2 months old) and he stopped there but the fact am here writing to the world in Lingua Franca implies there is another struggle in me and like there is in any other Westerner.. shameless people will blame it on nepotism.

Today, in Kampala, a pan cake hawker, a charcoal staller and mobile money attendant as many other small start ups

are largely composed of westerners, construction labour workers are struggling University students from the West of Uganda. The Kikubo bottle noise clashers are largely young people of Western Uganda who definitely defy the odds to toil, leaving the abject poverty back home – should we blame it on nepotism? What about after they have stabilised, elected rentals and raised bungalows; nepotism?

Am not here to justify nepotism or the other tribal inclinations but I want to stand on truth and boldly say that a problem whose solution is founded in the idea of the same problem merely manifests revenge and shall not wholesomely indulge efforts of the assumed antagonists to canvas any tendances that would threaten to arise.

Victims alone can’t salvage themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t be the offended. Steve Maraboli said, “Those with a perpetual victim mindset tend to create the situations from which they suffer.”

The tribal lamentations and complaints going viral will only worsen the situation. Whether true or not, you can’t assume to draw people against each other and presume transformation. This whinning and political excuses can never get us a single step to our goals. Great leaders must direct people off the path of tribal delusions; mbu, “WE DESERVE BETTER” and go down to the trenches to earn it.


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