A Ugandan woman was so enraged by her cheating husband that she took what looked like a handy binoculars to hit his car.

In video footage recorded by seemingly her husband who sounded unbothered by her actions this evening in Kampala, the scorned woman is seen smashing in the windshield, lights and bonnet of a Kluger with a sharp object.

The short haired woman is so incensed that she seems unconcerned with her violent antics.

In the video which has been posted on Facebook and WhatsApp groups, the woman is seen circling the black car which is parked in a


According to sources, she was seeking revenge after learning that her husband was cheating on her, although her spouse is apparently just heard in the background he seemed unbothered.

She smashes in the front windscreen completely and leaves the side windshield with several holes.

The car’s bodywork is peppered with dents and holes and has several long scratches across the paint.

The front flashlights are completely taken out.


smashed car windscreen


Broken Headlights


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