Bobi Wine


Presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has put politician Mike Mukula on the spot for holding an NRM meeting in a church.


In a video making rounds on social media, Mike Mukula is seen meeting a group of people in a church


Kyagulanyi posted it on his facebook page with a caption “This is a video of Mike Mukula addressing an NRM meeting in a church in Bugisu sub-region. Yesterday, minister Ephraim Kamuntu was also meeting his supporters in a church [in] Bushenyi.

No social distancing whatsoever,”


The people power movement leader has further blamed the government for failing to open churches and yet they are being used for political gatherings.


“Religious leaders have been calling for the reopening of places of worship, but their request has been rejected by the regime. Yet now, churches are used as gathering places for NRM politicians! The hypocrisy! The double standards,” he wrote.


Bobi Wine also called out the Electoral Commission boss to come out and explain the reason behind such incidents, to the public.


“I am now challenging Mr. Byabakama to come out and explain to us what moral right he has to even talk about scientific elections!” he wrote


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