Various Ugandans- are stranded in Kuwait (Internet image)

By a Uganda in Kuwait

On 26th/02/2020, I travelled to Kuwait for a visit with hope that I would return on 06 /04/2020, hardly did I know this would torture me until now.

In March, most if not all countries in the world went in to lockdown. However we would hear announcements that it (lockdown) would take two weeks. So my hopes kept high that maybe by the time we get to April when I was supposed to return to Uganda, things would have normalised.

Unfortunately, the lockdown kept on until today. My visit visa expired and all offices were closed which made it difficult to renew.

As we started April, then May, I realised things weren’t getting better for me or any Ugandan abroad to return home through normal procedure but rather to seek for help from our Uganda embassy which is in Saudi Arabia since we dont have any in Kuwait.

I enquired from the Ugandan embassy in Saudi which gave me ago head to register.
I registered myself and they replied my e-mail confirming receipt of my details.
It’s sad that since then, we have not heard anything clear for us.
I went ahead to send another e-mail seeking clarity when they think we would be repatriated so we plan accordingly because where I am, am not working and am not sure if they are to repatriate us they would use the airline I used so that I benefit from my return ticket.
With all this, they said they dont know when.

Three weeks ago as I was talking to some other

Ugandan here in Kuwait, he narrated for me a story of Ugandans who live in Kuwait shelters after they had lost their jobs. They have been there for three months pleading to our government for help.
These guys lost their jobs since March and are being supported by the government of Kuwait as they wait for Uganda to come and repatriate them.

They have written e-mails to the embassy but no positive feedback, made video clips seeking people to post them until they get to the concerned for help.

So, how would you ask someone who has not been working for the last three months to take care of himself or herself after they’ve struggled to look for the air ticket?
When they tried to contact the doctor in charge of Uganda’s pubic quarantine centers, they were told they are full unless they pay for hotels.

The list of the quarantine hotels that was sent to us ranges from 200k to 250k per day. Where on earth will these people who have been working maybe for shs1 or 2 million per month in the last three months get money to pay for the air ticket and at the same time these hotels?

These are Ugandan children who were not lucky to have jobs in Uganda and decided to look for survival to support their families and relatives by doing all sorts of jobs in the diaspora.
We all know what it means to get a job in Uganda.
So we are seeking for help for anyone who reads this especially the government to come to our rescue.
We are suffering and no one knew this pandemic was coming so as to prepare in advance.

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