Dr. Jose Chameleone


Musician Joseph Mayanja. also known as Jose Chameleone, has been summoned by the Anti Corruption Court Division in Kampala for being in possession of an uncustomed vehicle, a Land Cruiser, SSD 449B.


Lakunu Pamella Ocaya the Chief Magistrate summoned Chameleone, to appear on 30th July 2020, to answer charges of being in possession of the vehicle Contrary to Section 200 d (iii) of the East African Community management Act 2004.


“You are here by commanded by the Ugandan government to appear in the Anti Corruption Court in Kololo, on the 30th day of July 2020, at 9:00am…..” the summons stated.


It is alleged that on 12th April 2020 Chameleon was found in possession of Vehicle registration number SSD 499B Land Cruiser V8 model GRJ 200 and he was intercepted by the Uganda

Revenue Authority team along Wakaliga-Bulange, Mengo in Kampala.


Chameleone on 13 April, 2020 – Easter Monday revealed that he handed over the car to URA for scrutiny as requested and assured them of his cooperation.


“To enable this, my team and I are in contact with the URA to ensure that this impasse is resolved amicably and all dues are paid accordingly after verification and assessment,” Chameleon stated on the matter in April.


But, according to Simon Peter Lwanga, a Customs officer at URA and the officer preferring charges, Chameleone promised to avail the URA team with the documentation regarding the legal status of the vehicle in Uganda but has failed.


“Import Duty has not been paid on the said vehicle in Uganda and it is valued at Ugx 137,350,725 (Ugandan shillings one hundred thirty seven millions, five hundred and seventy twenty-five only), Mr. Mayanja Joseph knew or ought reasonably to have known the vehicle was uncustomed,”

Lwanga noted.


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