Jose Chameleoene

Producer Doggy Baur has revealed his strong colleague and work partner singer Jose Chameleone’s secrets with a loaded South Sudan lady.

In a nasty video posted online, furious Baur even claims the old Dinka woman gifted the gifted singer the Toyota Landcruiser V8 he’s been cruising since last year.

Diggy Baur

Baur further accused Chameleone of assaulting his colleagues at his studio. Producer Diggy Baur narrated how singer Jose Chameleone stormed his studio in Luwafu and beat him together with his friend.

In the videos shared on Diggy Baur’s private Facebook account, the producer angrily talks about how Chameleone stormed his studios located in Luwafu and beat his boys up.

The root cause of the alleged fight is still unknown but according to the videos, it seems both parties have not been in good

terms for a while now.

Diggy Baur is a talented producer who has produced numerous hit songs for several artistes and some of the biggest songs for Chameleone that have dominated the airwaves in the past.

In the videos, Baur reveals that the singer attacked one of the producers known as Akram at his studios, insulted and beat him up because he refused to record a song for him.

The renown producer goes ahead to allege that he has produced several songs for the Leone Island chief but the latter always walks away without paying for the songs.

Baur also shows off some of the wounds which were allegedly inflicted on him by Chameleone during the scuffle as he continues to reveal more of the singer’s secrets on top of decrying his violent ways.

Back to the Sudanese loaded woman, Baur claims it all started after Chameleone recorded a song for the woman. He then travelled to Juba and kicked off a relationship with her, resulting in the expensive Landcruiser.

Baur produced the song that gifted Chameleoene the powerful car.
He (Baur) got nothing in return.


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