Emmanuel Tegu (the deceased)


Another civilian, Emmanuel Tegu, a Makerere University student of Veterinary Medicine has lost his life to the hands of the Local Defense Unit (LDU) .

Tegu reportedly met his fate at around 11:00pm on the Sunday night of June 28, as he returned from his prayer fellowship. Sources say on that night, he encountered a group of the armed security personnel around Lumumba hall inside Makerere university.

The troops were manning the curfew as per the ongoing presidential guidelines on preventing the spread Covid 19.

Residents of Makerere university staff quarters say they overheard a boy screaming for help late in the night but they could not vent out of their houses to rush to his rescue.

“We heard him shouting for help but as you know, we are in abnormal days,” says Okello, a son to a lecturer. “We could not respond on time

but in the windows we saw men in uniform beating up a young man they claimed to be a thief,” he adds.

After the battering as the deceased Tegu struggled to identify himself as a student of the university, the men in uniform reportedly rushed him to Mulago hospital where they dumped him.

Tegu breathed his last on Saturday morning to a multi organ failure after sustaining critical injuries from the beating. Prior to his death, Tegu told his relatives that he had been battered by the LDU and police.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango said the police are investigating a case of murder and are yet to find out the reason why the late was moving at night, at the time of the incident.

The police have however dismissed rumors circulating that the deceased could have been killed by the Local Defence Units (LDUs).

“No single LDU person is deployed at Makerere University,” according to a police statement, which also notes that the security of Makerere University is manned by private security firms.


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