Bidandi Saali


According to the People’s Progressive Party, comments made by former presidential candidate Bidandi Ssali about Bobi Wine’s capability to lead Uganda are not in anyway the views on the party.


Recently Bidandi was quoted saying that it will be a joke for the Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi to harbor thoughts of becoming president of Uganda. This statement did not sit well with members of the opposition.


However PPP vice-chairperson Saddam Gayira says that Bidandi was miss quoted and his statement was misrepresented by the interviewer. He however added that Ugandans should not take Bidandi’s personal comments on the politics of the country as the official position of the party.


“The Hon. Jaberi Bidandi Ssali officially ceased many years ago to not only be the party leader but also an active member. The party is therefore

not bound by his independent personal views or comments,” Gayira told a press conference at the PPP offices in Ntinda.


Gayira added that Bidandi, who couldn’t personally come out to clarify the matter had expressed regret for having been represented as a leader who tried to despise others a position which does not reflect his beliefs all through his 50-year political career.


The vice chairperson said that the national executive committee and council of the party made a resolution to associate and collaborate with forces of change and that their position in the forthcoming election will be based on the fact that 80 percent of its members are young people who continue to suffer under the status quo.


In another press statement by PPP, Gayira told journalists that the people’s progressive party is currently holding talks with major opposition groups to conclude whether they can align their support with one of the already established candidates for the 2021 presidential race.


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