The suspect in the murder of three children in Kyankwanzi, one Twagirayezu Emmanuel, has been beaten to death by locals.

Twagirayezu was smoked out of a maize garden and beaten to death in an act of mob justice.

Earlier police in Kyankwanzi was hunting for Twagira following unconceivable murders he committed today 30th June at arround 10am at Kagarama LC1 Butemba Town Council in Kyankwanzi District.

A team of police officers responded to the scenes following a phone call from one of the residents who informed them that Twagirayezu armed with a panga had attacked a home of Kalfred Mushabe and cut people without any known reason who later ran for thier dear lives.

Immediately they ran, Twagirayezu cut a baby identified as Tayebwa Joel aged only 4 years, a son to Kalfred Mushabe.
Twagirayezu proceeded to another home of workers at a maize plantation and threatened to cut the women

whom he found working at the plantation.

Unfortunately as the women ran away Emmanuel cut dead two more kids, namely Nakisindi Nora F/j aged 3years, and Ninsiima Joel M/j aged 9 months.

As the survivors were making an alarm, the killer disappeared into a big maize plantation where police and the community are vigorously persuing him.
Twagirayezu had come to that village and hired land from one of the residents Kalfred Mushabe where he has been cultivating his maize and also staying alone in his makeshift house (Manyatta)

According to the residents of Kagarama, they are still puzzled as to why this gruesome murder was done, because there has not been any known conflict betwen Twagirayezu and the victims, neither do they know him to be a person living with insanity.
A postmortem has been done at the scene, and more than 8 other people who were badly injured by Twagirayezu have been taken to Butemba health centre3, and others refered to Hoima General Hospital for proper treatment.


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