Mondo Mugisha

Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha has been exited from the pastors’ WhatsApp group following his ‘controversial’ letter to President Yoweri Museveni.

The pastors unanimously agreed that Dr. Mondo was against the progress of the church.
Mondo is accused of working behind closed doors to stop the opening of worship centres.
The churches were closed following the outbreak of Covid-19, the killer pandemic.

In the letter, Mondo encourages pastors to do side income projects than depending on tithes.
And this has rubber the pastors the wrong way accusing him of sabotage.

As a result he has been thrown out of tue WhatsApp forum as discussions into his issue continue.

Here’s Mondo’s letter;
“As a servant of God, am mandated to follow the Scriptures! According to;

Roman’s 13:1-Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

The state and church should work together so that people get maximum benefit from these two institutions created by God.

This calls for highly dedicated church leadership which will also live up to the standard even expected by the government.

The Church is not another opposition political party; but as General unifir.

The Church in Uganda Has successfully worked with the Government to eradicate the epidemic.

The Church, has implemented Government Directives, of social

distancing, wearing masks in public, sanitizing and CLOSING CHURCHES.

The Church has also been actively involved in social services, like distributing food, to support financially

Through my ministry media outlets, private and National Televisions in Uganda, during Covid 19, I have educated, and encouraged my fellow Church Leaders to look beyond the Church walls.

As Christian’s we chose to pick some lessons from this experience. We have learnt that we should work and earn besides Church offerings and tithes above all
Engage in farming and establishing different streams of income for financial sustainability.

I personally Support 39- Families of Church leaders – who have been affected by the prevailing condition.

Therefore Mr President and the Covid 19 Task force Am of the view, since market places like Nakasero, Kikubo, Kibuye Markets and other places have been opened, by the Government, Let the Church also be opened.

The Church has more organised structures in place, to help people to maintain distance, masking, to avoid greetings. This services can be done starting from the help securities, Ushers and other involved leaders in church structure.

For this reason therefore, I HUMBLY and ask HIS EXCELLENCE THE PRESIDENT OF UGANDA to open the Churches, and other places of worship, so that people’s lives will be served spiritually to prevent moral decay of our Nation we promise to follow health Regulations by ministry of health.

Mr President, I will be greatful if my request is granted and Churces are officially opened.”


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