Peter Waiswa


Peter Waiswa, a second year student of Development Studies at Kyambogo University is currently nursing abdominal pain at the CPR Medical Centre in Mukono after being assaulted by his boss, a Chinese man at Global Paper Limited.

Waiswa took on employment at Global Paper limited in Mbalala-Mukono after education institutions closed because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The student decided to work to raise some money for tuition and support his single mother to care for his nine siblings.

However, his dream was short lived by his boss only identified as Liu, the Head of the Plywood department at Global paper who reportedly kicked his manhood leading to his admission at hospital.

Waiswa was admitted at CPR medical center on Monday after developing abdominal pains which

had greatly affected his movement.
He explains that Liu attacked him without any explanation as he was picking plywood off cuts from the warehouse.

Waiswa is now worried that he may be discharged from the hospital without stabilizing due to the high medical cost involved. His medical bill has since accumulated to Shillings 400,000.

Edward Sseggane, a clinical officer at CPR medical center says Waiswa arrived at the facility in extreme pain because of the severe injury in his private parts.

Bonny Opendi, the Human Resource Manager Global Paper limited declined to comment on the matter. Ismael Kifudde, the Officer in Charge of Mukono Police Division, said investigations are ongoing to establish what could have transpired.

He notes that they secured video footage for review before taking any action. Waiswa’s mother, Jessica Nabirye, says her son has been working hard to contribute towards his tuition and support his siblings.


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