School girls getting pregnant before time

Over eighteen school girls in Adjumani district have been married off during the lockdown according to local authorities. Philip Akuku Kaya, an education officer in Adjumani district says initial reports show that some of girls got married after waiting for schools to resume in vain while others got married after conceiving.

Akuku states the cases of early child marriages have been registered in Pakelle, Adropi, Ukisijoni, Pachara sub counties and Adjumani town council. He however throws blame to the head teachers for failing to report

the cases of early marriage to the education department claiming that it could tarnish the image of their schools.

The education officer says they have embarked on familiarizing learners and community leaders about the importance of education through regular radio talk-shows. Godwin Ochaki, the Adjumani District Police Commander, says most parents prefer settling cases of early marriages at home adding that they have not registered any cases related to marrying off school girls.

John Anyanzo, the Adjumani district LC V vice chairperson blamed parents for failure to guide their children during Covid-19 lockdown. He said some parents still believe it is the responsibility of teachers to take care of their children even when they are back in their respective homes.


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