Ugandans are nolonger observing social distancing rules

Police in Nasana, today evening carried out an operation in and around Makutano Hotel and found people defying Presidential directives.

They found a sauna functional, bar open and business as usual and over 30 people were arrested and detained at Nasana Police Station.

This comes just a day after we told of how careless Ugandans had shelved Ministry of Health’s SOPs, opened bars and are drinking recklessly, sharing Shisha amid a spike in Covid-19 cases.

For the past few weeks, Uganda’s virus cases have surged with communal cases worrying.
In Kampala alone, cases are the rise.

But some Ugandans seem unbothered.
Pubs, bars are illegally operating in the City outskirt.

And prostitutes are back in business, neglecting their counterpart Bad Black’s message to stay away from horny truck drivers.
The country, and particularly Kampala, is sitting on a TIME BOMB.

And majorly because bars are back to secret business.
Covidiots are sharing whiskey, beers, a smoke and even shisha.
Most importantly, horny drunkards are back to squeezing waitresses and strangers. They end up in lodges which are supposed to be closed.

It’s a total mess and very worrying.
It’s a case of if WE DIE WE DIE.
While everyone must applaud Ministry of Health and President Yoweri Museveni’s efforts in combating the virus, it’s us the citizens letting our beautiful nation- the Pearl of Africa- down.
For ‘party after party’.

Levels bar, one of the biggest bars located in Kamwokya is open and loud music can be heard blaring the speakers.
It’s majorly patronised UPDF and Police officers.
Naturally these are supposed to

implement Museveni’s virus guidelines. What a shame, it’s them breaking the rules.

In Ntinda, normal life is back. Drunkards drink and blast away under in bar restaurants.
Birunga bar, located somewhere in Kiwatule
is fully open. It’s lodges are back in business.
There’s totally no social distancing and as expected no facial protection.

Pubs in Bweyogerere, Kirinya, Kireka are open.
In Bugolobi at Thorns patrons, mainly celebrities, lock themselves inside and drink till morning to avoid curfew.

We could name some of them because we must know, and have their pictures for instance. But we will give them a chance to do the right thing.

Various health clubs around are open. Saunas are back in business.

Kampalans are flouting lockdown rules with reckless abandon.
Ofcourse some individuals can be applauded for keeping their distance from other groups.
The current guidance is still that you many only meet up with up to four persons from another household.

But crowds of people can be seen daily drinking beer. House parties are back as people continue to socialise.

At restaurants, people can been seen queuing for takeaways while others sit and dig into their meals for hours.
It’s really worrying.

Health experts and scientists in Uganda have lately decried complacency by the public in the fight against the spread of the virus justifying the need for the country being placed under another lockdown.

Last week, Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng warned that the situation presented a fertile bed for a sharp spike in the number of infections, which would most likely culminate in mass death. This, she argued, makes another lockdown necessary.
“People are no longer following preventive measures. This is evident from what is going in the markets, taxis and bus parks,” she said.

The minister’s comments came a day after President Museveni had voiced his frustrations with Ugandans for failure to observe preventive measures.


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