Crysto Panda

Celebrated NTV Uganda presenter Crysto Panda has announced the death of his first child, his newly born daughter.
Panda’s little angel died two weeks ago during birth. The TV presenter and singer broke the news today after pals sent him good wishes on Father’s day.
He wrote: “Thank you so much to whoever has wished me A Happy father’s Day.
But unfortunately I am so sorry to inform y’all that I lost my daughter Two weeks back.
My baby got tired during delivery and because of that she got dead brain cells which caused multiple seizure attacks , Because she was still young the doctors couldn’t operate her because her skull was still soft , so they suggested we hold up abit longer she grows like we do the operation in two months .
But as you know the seizures became many and she couldn’t take it any longer so she passed on when she was a month old.
Many of y’all have been asking me about her of late and I wasn’t brave enough to speak about it and that’s why also I wasn’t posting about her like before.
Because of the love I gat for my job I kept on doing my shows as you’ve been seeing me on NTV with a huge wide smile as if everything is ok but deep down inside me I couldn’t stooppp crying and hurting.
I used to post about her so many times not because I wanted to show off but apart from the excitement, Joy & Love I knew her days were numbered so I wanted to celebrate every minute she kept her breathe and though me & her had never met but she changed my life completely & I must say it was good experience.
Me & her Mum we fighting so hard to recover but all in all it goes back to God , He gives and takes.

Crysto Panda’s Baby

Let this be a lesson to every boy or man out there.
please be proud of your babies ,show them off , give them your attention don’t neglect them it doesn’t matter who the mother is coz a baby is a baby no matter how the mother looks like or whether you guys are still together or not and she / he will forever be your blood, always take on the responsibility of being a father and never be afraid of how the public will receive you and if you’re a celebrity please be proud of your babies show them off as you want coz your loyal fans will always support you.
When I posted about my baby I gained more fans than I had before why coz sensible people love people who always take on there responsibilities not matter how old you’re.
R.I.P Aylin Me & Mum we miss you so much.
#happyfathersday to all of y’all fathers.

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