The former friends Apass, Ykee are at war

There is a bitter social media sex war raging on between Uganda’s celebrated musicians Alex Bagonza aka A-pass and Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda, over city comedian Martha Kay.

Our Spies reveal, although they were once great pals, things have never been the same between the two singers ever since Martha Kay dumped Ykee Benda and decided to dish out her Kitone to A-pass.

We have learnt that ever since Martha hooked up with A-pass, Ykee Benda has made their relationship his personal business of sorts, whereby it is alleged that he goes around telling pals of how A-pass is eating his ‘Leftovers’ (Martha).

As if that is not enough, Spies reveal for several days now that, Ykee Benda has been posting on social media pictures of A-pass and Martha together, which he often accompanies with derogatory messages written in local dialect Luganda, blasting or throwing jibes at him.

Matters between them worsened over the weekend when A-pass and Martha shared a Snapchat video on social

media, in which they filmed themselves romancing and singing love songs to each other, which didn’t go down well with Ykee Benda.

Ykee Benda refers to Apass as a Car Washer after watching his video with Martha Kay
On seeing the video, Ykee retweeted it with following comment; “She’s smart …You don’t post the Engineer fwaa but the car washers ofcourse you can post any how !! #IfYouKnowYouKnow Face with tears of joy.”

He had earlier on tweeted a snap of A-pass cuddling Martha Kay’s waist with the caption; “Nomutunulilaaa Nomusasila musaja waatu …Enjoy Dre Cali’s Ebisooka N’ebisembayo @MarthaKayug.”

Apass and Martha are a couple

However, despite all the beefing going on between the two musicians, Spies intimate that Martha and A-pass are fervently enjoying each other without any need for social distancing, especially since the only Corona they have between them is burning, passionate love.

Actually, we understand that some of the friends Ykee Benda confides in about his love woes have since started advising him to give up, let go and move on by finding himself another bonkmate.


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